A Review of the Question Why Meditate?

Well, it has been a few months.  I have done interviews with Meditation Teachers, Rabbis, and Priests.  If you have been listening along you had heard that while they are all talking about meditation they look at it a little different.   Yet when we review these interviews we find that they are seeing differently but with the same goal or result.  As we all know everyone suffers and wants it to end and that suffering a lot of the time is caused by us, by our choices.  Meditation is a way (not the only way) to find control over our choices.  The great thing is the calmness, the better health, and all of the other benefits that bring people to meditation are just that benefits.

We get up every day and start our day if we start from a place of compassion and love we will go into our day sending that out to everyone we meet.  That, in turn, will make their day a little better.

My hope is to bring a little compassion and understanding to us about what goes on in each of us.  Thanks to everyone for listening and see you on the cushion.

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