I am Bob O’Haver a short description of what I am setting out to do and why. First, the idea for the podcast came to me while I was attending a retreat at Spirit Rock Meditation Center one of the attendees( new to mediation) asked a question:

Why should I do this?

The teacher gave a great answer, but it came to me that there are many answers.
I have so much to learn that I knew I needed to start asking “Why?”

So, join me on my journey…

A little about me I have had a practice of meditation for a long time never thought about sharing or focusing on this as a total life project.  I worked in both the entertainment and tech industries for 30 years and during that time I was happy at times but mostly I was stressed and always worried about the future.

Life changed as it does and I needed to move back to LA from the Berkshires (Western Mass).  I met a Meditation Teacher and found out about the Intensive Practice Program at UCLA.  I signed up that day and got into this program.  It is a secular mindful meditation program. I am through the Teacher Facilitation Program now, I am growing my understanding of the secular meditation world.  I found that this program has given me a way to share my passion for mediation.  It has brought me to a community of like-minded people of all types.  And that has allowed me to focus my energy on my passion Meditation.

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