Karin Lisa Atkinson

Lisa has been teaching meditation and self-augmentation of extrasensory abilities since the 1980s. She learned First Nations meditations growing up in Canada from Elders, who also taught the traditional knowledge of food medicine, plant medicine, and planet medicine. In the 1980’s, her first India meditation teacher was Dr. Deepak Chopra in Los Angeles. In 1989, Lisa left North America traveling around the world writing about the impact of new technology on global culture, as well as studying traditional medicine healing, medical mantras and medical meditations held dear as wisdom teachings in many of our world’s cultures.

Reverend Abbot Monshin Paul Naamon

Reverend Abbot Monshin Paul Naamon and his wife, Reverend Shumon Tamami Naamon, founded the Karuṇā Tendai Dharma Center in 1997, and oversee its growing number of officially recognized Sanghas.

Marvin G. Belzer PhD

Marvin G. Belzer, PhD, has taught mindfulness meditation for twenty years. He
is an Adjunct Associate Professor in the UCLA Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences. For many years he taught a semester-long meditation course in the Department of Philosophy at Bowling Green St. University, where he was an Associate Professor of Philosophy. He teaches an undergraduate course at UCLA (Psychiatry 175: Mindfulness Practice and Theory) and teaches mindfulness in many different venues in Los Angeles.

Heather Prete – Teacher

Heather is an LA-based Mindfulness Facilitator works with a diverse range of

including those in recovery, people coping with depression and anxiety, cancer survivors, men and women battling chronic health and pain issues, those suffering from PTSD, as well as fellow clinicians combating compassion fatigue syndrome. Her training began with Tibetan Compassion practices in 1998, traveling the world to learn under masters in both India and Europe. In 2011 she became a certified Mindfulness Facilitator at UCLA, where she also taught Mindful Awareness Classes as well as courses online. Currently, she’s co-creator and master teacher for The DEN Meditation Teacher Training Program.