Karin Lisa Atkinson

Lisa has been teaching meditation and self-augmentation of extrasensory abilities since the 1980s. She learned First Nations meditations growing up in Canada from Elders, who also taught the traditional knowledge of food medicine, plant medicine, and planet medicine. In the 1980’s, her first India meditation teacher was Dr. Deepak Chopra in Los Angeles. In 1989, Lisa left North America traveling around the world writing about the impact of new technology on global culture, as well as studying traditional medicine healing, medical mantras and medical meditations held dear as wisdom teachings in many of our world’s cultures.  More on Lisa

Transcript of my conversation:

Hello, I’m with Lisa Atkinson meditation teacher and all those things that we just talked about. It just seemed like it. Just please tell me your relationship with meditation Beyond being a meditation teacher because first of all before we get into my first question just so that we have a basis.

I have been meditating since I was a child. I was born in northeastern Canada. Where culturally with First Nations people the indigenous people of Canada between the northern lights above us the Aurora Borealis constantly dancing beautiful colors of overhead and us having mythology and creation stories about our environment that we are in people naturally were internal.

And we naturally walked in the woods quietly observing and witnessing life around us Gathering medicine watching the change of seasons anticipating what we need to know for our Gardens that for us was meditation. We had practical meditations as well as far as sitting still meditations and visualization many meditations.

That was my natural introduction to meditation great. Great well with that and. And then you’ve also had a varied career in visual effects and in startups and right now working with what is the collaborative you’re working with is the name of that. We just finished a one-month experiment. It’s the first of its kind of the planet called the transformative technology.

Academy who put it on at Sofia University in Palo Alto and it was a cohort a community of like-minded people who are brought together from 60 over 65 countries to talk about artificial intelligence Ai and injecting mindfulness into technology. Because every technology has the next generation of its kind of course and so why not have in the Next Generation roll out of that technology the embedding of mindfulness or Consciousness?

Like why are we creating this does this make the world a better place? This makes people’s lives clear happier kind. Peaceful and so since we are all of us co-creating together the future and as a legacy leaving behind something for the Next Generation the next seven generations as a footprint.

It’s a great time on the planet to embed every technology that we birth incubate and seed with funding as something that is actually peaceful at the core. Promotes peace of the core and promotes mindfulness and Consciousness in people’s daily lives great. Great. I will add the link if that’s okay with you.

I will add the link to the website when we put this up. Yeah sure that people can find it. Yeah, see what I was just a member of the court. I was honored to be in you know invited into the cohort. You just sound like it was interesting when I looked at the website. It was interesting. Focus it was interesting what they were trying to do and what they’re continuing to try to do it is an interesting way to look at the thing.

Well, they’re looking at the data. It’s quite interesting for me because.  You know working with all these academics who are either studying mindfulness or psychology or somatic Psychiatry or therapy or Consciousness or brain and Consciousness studies? A lot of these people are looking at how to use AI to become a entrepreneurs as well, which is quite interesting that scientists and doctors can now basically be the next wave innovators of Technology, but for me as an artist coming from an artist background in science background, I was a chief technology officer for the and co-founder for the first.

Low-carbon technology fund on the planet to reduce climate change and to introduce solar and wind and biodegradable and other Technologies on the stock exchanges. So I do come from Science Background, but because of my artistic ability and my imagination my extrasensory abilities, which I’ve developed since I was a child being fortunate enough to be born into a lineage that.

We’re quite aware of their talents and abilities and it was quite normal to be encouraged as a child to expand them use them. They come with the suit, you know, the Earth suit that I you know that we’re all wearing they come fully invested with these in a Technologies or sensory devices or sensory abilities or superpowers is kids like the column so why not have a relationship with them and why not develop them and.

For me, it’s always been emerging. Visuals I have in my head when I meditate and insights I get with creating science fiction and visual effects and animation for you know movies and TV, you know in the early days for me, but most of my career has been feature films as a Storyteller, but then as I stepped into expanding my healing abilities on the work, I do as a Healer.

On the planet then I was called into situations in Conflict zones where I suddenly I found myself in the middle of a conflict Zone and I was working on a film and a coup happened or I’m working on a film in martial law was declared or. One time I was Landing, you know at a vacation spot in the South Pacific and a coup happened and we were held hostage in the airport for three days.

So you find yourself meaning everybody on the planet finds themselves when they least expect it in situations that are unanticipated. So having a toolset having the clear mind clear thinking clear. It is able to meditate being able to go inward being able to separate with what’s happening around you and what everybody else is experiencing is really a peacemaking tool this kind of goodness kind of goes into my first question into my series of four questions that I’m asking everyone and that first question is why meditate.

Well besides as my mom used to say I was born and meditating she’d put me in you know on the floor and I would sit there for hours just quiet.

It came with the suit. I ‘ve always meditated. I just didn’t know it had a word associated with it. And so as people noticed mine. Extrasensory abilities where.  extra and when they eventually tested me, you know in Northern California at The Clairvoyant institute’s at Stanford and Berkeley and the various other institutes that people were teaching extrasensory abilities ability.

Augmentation. I tested very very high in every aspect. So as a person who thought everybody is the same everybody’s equal and I still do it made sense for me to be able to live in this world pain-free. Of course and clear-minded and open-minded and open-hearted. I needed to develop the abilities because I live for me was hearing a million billion radio stations every moment day and night simultaneously.

I was in a great deal of pain all the time. Meditation helped me formalizing. My meditation practice helped me.

With not having to take painkillers because that was not an option for me doctors would say. Oh you need to take steroids or you should do this or you should do that. And I was like, none of that made sense to me. It didn’t seem healthy what the doctors were actually. Thing and being a woman at that time there quite often would just prescribe you drugs because they at that time and you know, the 70s and the 80s they there were still a Prejudice towards women in that if you were having visions or.

You’re in pain all the time that it must be a bad period or it must be. Oh, honey. Take this. Yes. Basically, I had that once and luckily for me. I had a female doctor who looked at the prescription this had the specialist. She had sent me to it was a brain specialist because she just wanted to make sure that there was you know, no tumor or something like that because it was, you know, continual the migraines and various things and she looked at the prescription and she just ripped it up and.

And curse the doctor who wrote it and went on with all the stories of women who were patients of hers who she sent to the specialist and they all came back with prescriptions for tranquilizers and it’s nerves, honey. Don’t worry about it. So I learned at a really young age. This is when I was about.

That if I needed to take care of my own health and I needed to own my journey. I needed to make sure my mum was in the driver’s seat. My hand was on the steering wheel and my eyes were on my own Road of Destiny. And that vehicle was my vehicle and I had to take care of that vehicle and I had to become familiar with it.

I had to. You know life every day in the life is like a test drive sometimes. Yeah, but you learn things I learn things every day about this suit that I’m wearing and one of the things I learned is meditation worked mindfulness worked cautiousness worked. So even if I was having a challenging time, For instance, like when I was in Conflict zones and War was all around me and people were going through the worst experience they’ve ever had in their life.

I was sometimes a photographer in these situations and the writer always a Healer but officially, you know, a filmmaker or photographer-writer and I just made it. My part of my job description to also be at peace so that no matter what was happening around me. I held peace in my heart. I held peace in my mind, and I used that people often offered me guns and said you need to carry again in this dislocation, and I’m like, well, no.

Thank you. If I’m going to shoot off anything, it’s going to be my mouth and say the right words for peacemaking, but I’m going to use my extrasensory abilities. I’m going to use my skills. I’m going to use my piece making tools, too. Create an experience for me. And those with me that is alternative to violence because violence doesn’t solve anything.

It just escalates. Yes, because it pushes people into being fearful and then you know, they great grab guns and that pushes more people with more guns there for more fears seller. It’s the year, it’s an escalation. It’s not a diminishing, you know. The return on some of the choices people makes to problem-solve even though they’re asking for peace because it’s externalized and it’s fear-based and its survival based.

And sometimes those choices take people farther away from peace, right versus meditation takes you inward into Inner Space and Inner Space is just as fast as outer space and Inner Space or your insights your connection to your higher self as Source, there’s an infinite Archive of insights within each person.

Body of existence which quite often are peaceful Solutions peacemaking tools. And so I just found that meditation going inward with the goal to be peace and to be Peacemaker and to be a peaceful person on this planet always worked always work great. That’s great. I that’s a.

It’s important to be able to understand how we use it. How will use the meditation the next question that I have is mindfulness. What is your definition of mindfulness? And what does it look like to live a mindful life?  mindfulness in this moment that you’re asking me to Define it which I’ve never done before I’d say In This Moment what’s coming to me is.

Mindfulness is self-awareness. I’m aware of myself. So I’m aware of you as well. And I’m aware simultaneously of everybody else on the planet what they’re doing.  That’s the gift of being Clairvoyant clairaudient clear Ascension and all the other extrasensory abilities that I have intentionally cultivated in part that could be my definition of mindfulness being self-aware.

Being aware of others special recognition special definition. Seeing myself as part of the collective mind and aspect of it but individualized because we each one of us has our own body. We all we all have our own agreement to be here on the planet our conception date our birthdays and her expiration date can’t get any more individualized than that.

Sure. But at the same time each suit comes with abilities comes with tools comes with a core comes with programming comes with an archive of memories that were in the sperm and the egg that stretched back to the very first. You know in the multiverses try not to get too abstract, but you can say that mindfulness is consciousness.

You can say mindfulness is cautious that I exist. You could say my mindfulness is self-awareness. I am self-aware. I’m self-defining. I’m aware of my belief system. I’m aware of when my belief system. It feels Contracting and perhaps isn’t quite working for me. And I’m aware. I have the ability to expand it and open it up so that it is working.

Me, right so living a mindful life is just is going through life more aware of what’s around you and they’re your inner connection with your environment mind living in mindful life is being going inward first. Aware that my existence my core my central nervous system my suit my extrasensory abilities.

I’m it is Mystical. It is magical.

It’s a great mystery as we like to say in Canada. I can’t explain it. But what I can say is.

being aware of myself first serves me. To be able to Center myself ground myself be aware of what I’m feeling and be myself right? And when I am being myself, then I’m able to witness those around me much more mindfully.  And therefore my choices are less reactive and they’re more. Great now that’s great.

Thank you very much. The next question is what is the difference between meditation contemplation and prayer and there you go. Well at this moment my answer is. Meditation contemplation and prayer I think it’s individual to each one of us. I think each person has their own belief system. Each person has their own existence.

Each person has their own embodiment for each person has their own archival history of every ancestor who came before them whose information was in the sperm and the egg in that merged became the first cell that wrapped around there. It became their physical body and their mind-body. You could say the mind’s eye through which you know the prison through which they experience physical existence at the same time.

There is the spirit that is inside the body the animated life. Of the physical body and the physical mind you could say that’s the third eye, you know that third eye that you know shock or all your chakras because it’s very popular these days and people will understand what I mean. If I use that as an example the third eye is like the gate the portal through which your spirit brings in more and more of your presence always right and then it’s projected out into the physical world through the Mind’s Eye.

So for me polishing the Mind’s Eye and polishing the third eye. Area form of prayer a form of contemplation and a form of meditation. That’s my practice. That’s the way I’ve learned to exist on this planet and exist in the body my own personal relationship to the part of me that is physical and mental the part of me.

That’s emotional and the part of me that is astral spiritual mindful. That is active when I’m sleeping at night and is also active when I am eyeing opened, you know during the day and experiencing this planet this world. I to answer that a little bit more thoroughly. I really feel it’s important.

That because those three things meditation contemplation and prayer feed the soul and our spiritual in nature. I’m not getting to mental about it because there’s no reason to judge any individuals direct personal experience of those three things. And I think that’s where people might get into trouble is when they start to compare existences to each other.

My existence is more profound than you. My belief system is more evolved than yours or it kind of hurts goes into ego and that kind of so, it goes into many many things which would make this podcast last for three days and we talked about it and it’s an interesting subject. But I guess what I’m what I’d like to communicate to people is when you really let go of judgment or even commenting on.

How other people are wearing their shoes and how other people are walking in their shoes and you relax you realize that yeah, each one of us is unique. Each one of us is equal to each other life is vitally sacred. Sure life is vitally important one life isn’t more sacred. Another one sacred practice is more sacred than another true one sacred belief is more sacred than another it’s equally sacred.

So I think that people get distracted with mentally arguing and judging and trying to control each other around philosophy or. Sure practices that they might have to actually feel better and be can be better people and in some ways bring more peace to their group their tribe or just themselves individually or their family members, but if people were to let go of the commenting and the judging and the comparing and reduce it to its simplest.

Aspect it would be that meditation contemplation and prayer are real people wanting more light in their life wanting to touch light wanting to bring more light into their body wanting a lighter life a lighter existence wanting to be a body of light wanting to have an unbearable lightness of being unbearable meeting so much light in their life.

That every time they smile it radiates every time people look in their eyes. They’re just like wow your eyes are shining. I think the phrase you used food for the soul’ really that resonates with me. I mean, I had that idea those three things all feed your soul. Yeah. We either nourishing ourselves.

Or we are depleting ourselves, right and it’s pretty easy to tell the difference. Sometimes we get really busy and we don’t always connect the dots. We don’t always realize that certain food that we’re eating late at night because they ran late and it’s micro or microwaving. It is actually got something to do with what dreams we have at night or how we wake up the next morning or whether we even coherent, you know in the morning and we’re you know brushing her hair with our toothbrush and brushing her teeth with her hair.

Yeah, there is interconnectivity to everything and sometimes people get too abstract and they talk about interconnectivity to the multiverses and Oneness and that’s all fine. That’s all lovely. But I prefer as a clairvoyant somebody who can who can read the energy on anything you like that recording device that you’re using.

I can read the energy of that device. Who made it the energy of the components where they were mined who mined them what tools were used to mine them what truck they were put in. You know, what airplane they were put in the factory and all the factory workers. There are many people on the planet who have developed their skill set their self-awareness through mindfulness their meditation practice the contemplation practice their prayer practice.

So precisely so in alignment with their highest sense of themselves.  Their highest vision of themselves that they hold in any given moment. There are many people like that on the planet. It’s just it’s not a subject that generally people bring up at dinner or on the media. It’s changing quite quickly and as it does more and more people will feel comfortable sharing their personal Journey sharing their personal intentional practice of cultivating Direction sensory abilities because that’s what meditation is right and that’s and that’s actually that’s one of the goals of this podcast and get people to share that yeah exactly everyone.

Yeah now in my last question. It’s about compassion. And how do we promote and cultivate compassion in ourselves? And in the world around us treat people how you want to be treated yourself every time you take a breath in remind yourself. You’re breathing in the air that somebody else is exhaled. So are we really that different from each other?

Yes, there is this innate uniqueness. But at the same time, we are utilizing the same resources such as water and they are continual. It’s cycling through me and then I’m exhaling in it cycling through you and then it’s you know going where it needs to go next anywhere else in the world.

I forgot the question. How do you promote you’re going to edit that far ahead? Okay, maybe not. It’s important to be able to be mindful of what you’re going to say truthfully in me and look at it. But I took myself really far out and I started seeing. Everybody on the planet and everybody inhaling each other’s breath and suddenly I was like, well, it’s about compassion.

The question is about passion. How do we promote compassion in ourselves? And in our world around us? Well, you know, I was never the kind of person who thought that I would ever study with anybody because I’m really not a follower. I really felt that the key to my happiness within my own hands and going inward was going to give me.

All the compassion and needed all the inside. I needed the answers if I was seeking answers the insights if I was seeking Insight, it’s all in my Inner Space. It’s Prismatic. It’s complete and I feel the same. I feel everybody has that. You know, it’s a choice point but I have started studying with different people.

I’ve been attracted to the last year and a half. I’ve been studying Tibetan traditional Tibetan medicine, which is being taught for the first time, you know to non-Tibetans and in North America through pure land farms, which is just setting up here in LA. In up in the mountains and I’ve learned a great deal about compassion from another point of view because the medical mantras and the medical meditations are prescriptive.

So when the doctor takes your pulse looks at your tongue looks at your eyes. Part of diagnosing and traditional Tibetan medicine is watching the breath.  Observing the person being a witness to what it is. You see in front of you the color of the tone the visibility of that person but when you actually diagnose a person to see what is distressing them.

Oh, what is what is at DIS ease? Within them then your yes choosing the right plants according to the astrological planets above you you’re choosing the right plant’s plants planets traditional medicine is all about what planets are above you right now that you’re not feeling well what plants correspond to those plants and planets.

And what’s happening inside you because you’re basically a planet you have a core and you’ve got this mechanism around you which is physical then you’ve got this atmosphere around you. So it’s a very complete diagnosis system. So when they actually give you medicine it’s plant-based so you can eat it which is for the physical body.

They give you a sound a medical Mantra so that you can sound out. Which is for the mental body and for the spirit body for its to balance and come into the vibration of wellness, and they also give you a visualization which is meditation. So if you were to ask a Tibetan doctor, what is meditation.

What is contemplation what is prayer they would say it could be a medical visualization a medical meditation visualization and medical prayer visualization and medical contemplation visualization because visualizing closing your eyes and visualize? Yourself as well or yourself as light or yourself as a light body or yourself is a light being with all these abilities these traditional Tibetan medicine visualizations really are meditation contemplation and prayer alone.

Package because it’s just as important to a component of the medicine that is being prescribed to you like the pill that you reading that’s plant-based and the sound that you’re that you’re making out of your mouth. Which is helping to clear your mind and helping to clarify your spirit and bring more of your spirit into your physical body.

So.  I know that’s probably unusual answer and not the one I was expecting to give but I really think it’s important that we realize that even though the Ancients on the planet the ancient ways of life that are in existence very well and flourishing some of them. Being challenged no by industrialization colonization.

And are doing their best to not lose their traditional knowledge and pass it on to the next Generations. But we have this plan is complete. It’s not missing anything and neither is any individual on the planet and so it really comes down to when your bomb is in the driver’s seat in your hands on the steering wheel and you’re driving your road, which is your destiny and your eyes are fixed right ahead.

On your destiny Road and driving it and staying in balance and being clear-minded so that you know, you don’t go off the road or go on a detour. Or stop, you know, stop and go. Oh look at those flashing lights. I think I’ll go to Vegas for a few hours. You know that detour to Vegas might take your you know few years to get back on your rotor Destiny again, so it really comes down to what works for you sure, but I think.

there’s a difference between being at peace. And peace being your goal because when peace is your goal. It really is Wellness. It really is balanced and it really is about making yourself peaceful bringing yourself into piece choosing things that are going to increase peace and well-being Within.

And that allows you to let go of what everybody else is doing, you know, so the word business, you know, your business is your business. My business is my business, right? It actually is the word busyness and so I can get distracted and occupy myself with your busyness. But if I’m doing that my eyes aren’t on myself, so I’m going to Veer off the road, you know, my bum may be in the driver’s seat.

My hand might be. Steering wheel my eyes maybe on my road of Destiny. But if I take my eye off the road, you know and distract myself by going. Oh, I think I’m going to comment on your busyness, right and what you’re choosing to occupy yourself with and what you are being busy with then. I’m either got my eyes on my road and myself or I don’t it’s really as simple as that and so to me.

Compassion is.  compassion and self love for myself and that I love myself so much and I love this planet so much and I love this opportunity this miracle of life so much that I’m not. Distracted I really can trust and have faith that every single person has their own Journey. Everybody has their own vehicle to have that journey in everybody has a mind that’s fully equipped.

Nobody is deficit. And so. I trust so much that I have compassion for myself to keep my eyes focused on fulfilling my destiny, which is why I came to the planet the first place. I mean, why else are we here? We’re here to fulfill their own individual Destiny. And the sooner you figure out what that is the sooner you fulfill it and you’ll die happy or person, you know, when you transition off the planet you’ll go.

Yeah. Yeah, I completed that, you know, so check part of that is compassion for others and when somebody is displaying a behavior that doesn’t quite feel right to you you have compassion you go. Well, so what? So what if I’m feeling uncomfortable, I’m just witnessing their Journey right not about whether I’m comfortable, you know, like if you’re having your own Journey your own existence, you’ve got your own destiny for fail.

Well that has nothing to do with me from the point of view of. I’m much more useful to myself. I’m much more compassionate to myself. If I keep my eyes on fulfilling my own destiny and I’m much more compassionate to you and whatever you’re going through and whatever your choosing in that moment and you’re much more likely to feel your destiny if I’m not judging you for fighting you or in resistance to you or going to war with you.

Yeah, and this is a simple conversation and I’m sure there will be plenty of people listening doing wait a second there. Lot of extreme people on this planet. Are you saying just like be compassionate? You know, we don’t have boundaries don’t defend yourself if there’s if a situation arises where you need to protect yourself and all I can say is this is a short conversation.

We’re having and it is a complex Planet, but it always serves compassionately. To myself and others if I reduce any complex situation into its simplest form in generally when I do that, it comes down to a choice of piece of War.  Do I want to work with this person or do I want to resonate at peace?

And sometimes when you resonated piece it’s your resonating compassion. You’re resonating it quiet compassion sure. You’re resonating it. I don’t have to do anything right now. I can just be. I can be myself and by being myself, I’m naturally compassionate and I’m naturally a witness. I don’t have to do anything.

I don’t have to comment. I don’t have to judge. I can simply just witness and trust that if there is something.

That happens while I’m witnessing that invokes a response in me that I feel.  Is important to act on then I’ll just know it. So compassion is also self trust self awareness self Clarity self certainty self wisdom self-knowledge self-definition self-respect self permission self-ownership self-empowerment.

Compassion is all these things because you can’t be compassion. You can embody compassion. If you’re not embodying yourself first and all of your aspects all your abilities the miracle that life is so it’s right sir. Practice life is a practice Yeah, and we know that we learned the older we get I think the and then finally is there any.

Is there anything that you just wanted to anything that you wanted to give us a short anything you wanted to say, you know beyond what my questions were. Just doing part anything to everyone. Well, I know the topic is meditation. Yeah topics. I’m going to leave it myself without limiting myself.

Meditation can be whatever you want it to be it can be being aware that you’re breathing. It can be noticing the Sun is setting. While you’re driving home from work, it can be not having a cell phone up to your head while you’re walking on the beach. And therefore you actually seeing their dolphins jumping and whale breaching because I can’t tell you how many times I walk the beach and these whales are reaching or dolphins for jumping and everyone’s on their cellphones and I’m like, did you see that?

Right? I like know. What do you mean? I’m like dolphins. You see the dolphins are like, oh, yeah, then they go back to your cell phone. Now. I’m not complaining because I think those devices have really helped the planet in so many ways and I any you know 65 million people are in refugee camps right now.

Who wouldn’t have a Lifeline if they didn’t have a cellphone and little solar panels, you know, the little portable solar panels to charge their cell phones. So I’m definitely not critical of cell phones, especially when the majority of people in refugee camps are women and children right? So I’m all for them having a lifeline.

So if any telephone companies are listening, please donate cell phones to to to people who are without roofs above their head. I would say that meditation is really you’re choosing to be happy and discovering what things you can do. To increase your happiness. And so eating food is a meditation buying your food is meditation knowing who you’re buying your food from is meditation spending your money and who you’re giving your money to is a meditation.

All the money on this planet is the people’s money. It’s earned by us. It’s spent by us were actually the richest ones on the planet. Some people collect more money than others because of their choices or their deliberate intentions, but it’s actually our money. So to me spending my money researching everything.

Nice purchase is my vote is my vote for cautiousness. What I want to see more of on the planet who I want my money to go to who I think are doing positive things in the planet making great contributions going through the farmers who were really making sure the food is healthy the people who are making sure the water is healthy.

So to me that is meditation as well being so connected. To my existence and my power that I bring it into everything. I do there’s no separation. You know, if I’m entering a founder of a start-up business. The first thing I teach is there’s no separation. If I’m if I’m writing a story there’s no separation, right if I’m making a film there’s no separation.

If I’m teaching someone to meditate or how to open up their extrasensory abilities, there’s no separation. You’re not yourself your truth, you know one hour of the day, right? You know, you are your unique embodiment of your your soul as source.  All the time, so to separate it out and say oh in the business office.

I’m only this and at home when I’m playing with my kids, I’m only this and when I sleep at night, I’m only this when I’m driving on the freeway, I’m only that well to me meditation is the understanding that.  every moment you exist that you are in existence that you are occupying existence with your force your life force energy.

Then you really are alive and so great meditation is being alive. And being aware that you’re alive. That’s a good that’s a really great way to end this discussion. I really appreciate the time you’ve given me and and as we reach out to people, you know, I think that these things. It gives us all a better understanding.

I think the more we can open our minds to the better. We’re all going to understand at all. Yeah, there’s there’s no mistakes. And there’s no rule book. It’s your life is yours to live and it either you either making choices that make you happy or you’re making choices that diminish your happiness.

The power is in your hands. We have more power than we realize.

Yeah, it’s infinite. Thank you very much. For the time.
You’re very welcome.