Lisa has been teaching meditation and self-augmentation of extra sensory abilities since the 1980s. She learned First Nations meditations growing up in Canada from Elders, who also taught traditional knowledge of food medicine, plant medicine and planet medicine. In the 1980’s, her first India mediation teacher was Dr Deepak Chopra in Los Angeles. In 1989, Lisa left North America traveling around the world writing about the impact of new technology on global culture, as well as studying traditional medicine healing, medical mantras and medical meditations held dear as wisdom teachings in many of our world’s cultures. This led to living in China for 8 years. While in China, Lisa taught English at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences learning more about Chinese Traditional Medicine meditation (CTM) , Chi gong, and extra sensory perception (ESP) consciousness enhancement sciences. Lisa also taught filmmaking at Beijing Film Academy and while there studied Chinese language, culture and storytelling. In 1996, Lisa returned to California continuing her work with digital visual effects and animation for Hollywood motion pictures. Back in California, Lisa studied and received certifications in Heart Math, The Christopher Method of Sound-Wave Energy Therapy, then in 1997 began extensive studies with the Aesclepion Intuitive Training and the Aesclepion Healing Center teaching program’s for Meditation, Clairvoyance, Transmedium Channeling, One-to-One, Women’s Wellness, and Spiritual Wellness.
In 2001, Lisa did a live/work program at the Findhorn Foundation, which is an NGO associated with the United Nations. Findhorn is a sustainable conscious community in Northern Scotland and the island of Iona, known for their food and medicine gardens, silent retreats and international entrepreneur mentorship gatherings + Think Tanks. In October 2001, Lisa left Findhorn on invitation to go directly to New York City to teach meditation, and to mentor self-healing, to survivors and families of victims of the 9/11 Twin Tower events. In 2005, as a direct result of that experience in New York, plus her experience living/working in various conflict zones around the world, Lisa moved to London UK to be Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer for the world’s first climate change carbon-reduction clean technology fund (Clean Air, Clean Water, Solar, Wind, Ocean power, Non-polluting cars etc).
In 2017, Lisa began studying (TTM) Traditional Tibetan Medicine meditations and mantras for transformational healing of the Mind/Physical Body, the Spirit/Energy body with Dr Nida Chenagtsang. Dr Nida, who is from Amdo Tibet, is the Co-Founder and Medical Director of Sorig Khang International, the International Ngakmang Institute and Pure Land Farms which is a Traditional Tibetan Medicine Meditation and Rejuvenation Center in the Topanga Canyon mountainous area of Los Angeles.
In 2018 Lisa participated as a cohort member in the Silicon Valley based Transformative Technology Academy’s new AI initiative, which gathered online for an one month program, the largest global community of entrepreneurs and innovators using tech to expand human wellbeing, consciousness and possibility.  Overall, Lisa has lived in Canada (20+ years), China (8 years), Asia/South Pacific (2+ years), USA/Cuba/Central & South America (20+ years) and UK/Europe/Africa (5+ years).