Season 2, Why Meditate is back!

Thank you for listening to our podcast and making it work.

Over the last 6 months, I have been busy with all things meditation. We have a great season ahead, and I am looking forward to new types of interviews and digging deeper into why we meditate. I am also interested in how we bring mindfulness into our daily life. And, no, I am not talking about going around like a zombie all day. As Shinzen Young put it. “If you are mindful you don’t need to do anything, just live” But how do we know if we are mindful? The practice of being present can take many forms. How do I tell? When you are mindful you see the world differently, you can really taste the food, see colors, smell the flowers. While your benefits may vary, you too can come of this journey. Start with an app by your self you don’t need to tell anyone. Let your friends notice the difference in you. Then, when you need help and have questions, find a teacher. If you are lucky enough to be in LA check out UCLA Mindfulness Research Center. UCLA has a new app if you are looking for something totally secular. Check out Diana Winston’s new book Little Book of Being Practices. Another free app you can use is Insight Timer app. This app along with being a timer it also has both free and paid guided meditations and courses. Free groups are places you can go to get answers from your community.

But, you should get a teacher, a living breathing in the flesh teacher person . Community is important to the growth of your practice.

Enjoy and Thank you again for listening.

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